Welcome to my blog!

Katherines Running Headshots-6I’m Katherine and this blog is about my life running!

I have run 10ks, half-marathons, marathons and in 2015 I entered the world of ultras with my first 50k in April 2015. I started running in 2010 to see if I could do it, I never participated in any sports growing up and never had any interest. I thought running was appealing because it gave me a chance to get away where nothing matters besides putting one foot in front of the other and is constantly a challenge. There are few things in life that I have found that are as challenging or rewarding as running and that’s why I keep pushing myself for longer distances and to be a better runner.

This blog is to share my love of running with recipes thrown in (because who doesn’t love food?). I love this sport because of how it has changed me. The training, the planning, and all the running are what count to me, not how fast you were on race day. You just have to get out there and you’ll never regret a run!

I am based in Toronto, Canada where I live with my fiancé, Callum, conveniently a photographer to help bring pretty pictures to this blog, and our fury four legged child, Lucy. All the photographs on this blog are taken by myself or Callum Pinkney Photography or otherwise credited at the bottom of the post, please email me for permission before you copy them.

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