Thank you for visiting the food section and finding out more about my love of food! This is what I am passionate about and I hope that my recipes and stories will help you discover your passion for food too!

I love experimenting with recipes, trying new restaurants, knowing what other people are making and generally learning more about food. I have a few go to recipes that I will share with you but I’m always trying to find something new to make. A lot of the time, I will use a recipe as a guideline and improvise from there. Or try to recreate at home something that I always order when I go out.

I think that food is so important in everyone’s lives and if you eat well with food items that you can pronounce all of the ingredients then your overall life will improve. As of early 2014, I am a vegetarian so if you are looking for meat-filled recipes you want to look elsewhere but I guarantee that whatever I post will be delicious!

Here are the food rules that I live by:
– I don’t believe in counting calories, listen to your body!
– If it can go bad (rotten), it’s probably good for you to eat
– Have part of every meal be a fruit or vegetable (or lots!)
– There’s nothing wrong with eating fat in the form of full-fat dairy, nuts or avocados
– I try my hardest to not buy groceries with unpronounceable ingredients. If I don’t know what it is, my body probably doesn’t know what to do with it!

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